Art goals and musings |1

Hmm. Some things which I just want to learn/make/see:

1. I really want to develop my own distinctive style of art be it in cartoon form or any other. I’m pretty diverse in trying out different looks in art, but I still haven’t really delved too deep in one particular drawing style yet.

2. I want to make my on gallery wall for my study/studio space. Working on this.

3. I want to see my portfolio asap on the site! Working on this one too.

4. Need to eat some After Eights. Haven’t eaten those (can you believe it?) for more than two years now.

5. Blog design. Busy with things so this priority is wavering up and down n my list. I say: baby steps count, right? I think I’ll install some plugins to start with..

6. Have Singapore on my places to see list. Just don’t know when to go- planning, planning.

7. Practice guitar again. Agh! It’s seems like all I can remember is C-F-Am-G.

8. I’m working on (my lifestyle DIY blog) so this one seems to be on the sidelines as of now. Need to include blog post scheduling for Opinion9 properly.

9. Just relax and have fun.

10. Go swimming.

11. Buy a new pair of jeans.

(art on top by me)

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