Mood this month // September

September Moodboard- faded colour tones with pops of florals makes for a September moodboard via Opinion9.comHello. Thought I’d share a little moodboard for September. Basically, as you can see, I’m pretty much inspired by bright florals, minimal faded tones in photography and adding lettering to the mix! September is such a funny month- not really autumn vibes yet. However, it seems like a good month for inspiration.

I’ve recently started experimenting with lettering properly- and not just doodling on scraps of paper and then discarding them, like before. Lettering is so much fun. I really like the idea of integrating it with photos too- it’s such a cool effect. I’m working on my lettering over at surely simple on instagram, maybe take a look, if you like.

As for the flowery elements on this pretty simple moodboard- well, I’m kinda obsessed with flowers and the beauty they possess. I especially like delicate green leafy patterns and the bright pops of colour in vibrant flowers, peonies, roses and hibiscus. Reds and pinks just never get old. Nowadays, I also like oranges and yellows, but the warmth of a red is just too distinct and alluring to see.

Minimal photography is so much fun to try while snapping photos, and just to admire when you notice it somewhere. There’s subtlety and yet s much clarity in just framing one object on a background- and I love that intrigue you get when you just look at a minimal image. It looks like an open book at first, but when you look closer, there’s so much more to it. It’s seriously cool.

I’m also drawing florals again- and you’re going to be seeing some sketchbook shots soon enough!

So, this was a little glimpse of what’s inspiring me in September. What’s inspiring you this month? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Sources from top left to bottom right: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6

photo grid and lettering by Aaria Baid

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Imaginative Art with Daniela

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Hello! Today I’m talking to a very talented and imaginative artist. Daniela paints watercolours beautifully, but that’s not all- she has a very imaginative side to her creative process! She uses everyday objects- oranges, paper, fruits, the sky, origami, eggs, tic tacs, spools of thread, candy, you name it!- with her drawings and the effect is just so colourful and pleasing. You have to see her instagram feed to get the full scoop!

As artists, what happens to a lot of us, is that we get limited by our own knowledge and stick to what we know when it comes to painting/ drawing. But not Dani! I like how she transitions so smoothly between her beautiful watercolours she makes and her innovative doodles. She uses her imagination and steps out of her comfort zone overtime- to create her wonderful artwork.

So, let’s hear what she has to say.

Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

My name is Daniela M. Lima; I am 28 years old. I’m an architect and I work in an office. In my free time, I love to draw and paint.

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

I love how you add different objects in your drawings! Do you plan these or does it happen naturally?

I usually use food, especially sweets, and objects that can associate the shapes of objects and characters. This process is something not really planned, ideas come and I make them happen.

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

What makes you happiest in your creative process?

I just love when I’m relaxed, eating, watching movies or anything else, and I think, “I could do something using this!” The fact is the whole creative process is something that makes me very happy.

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

What are some themes/topics that are inspiring you nowadays?

Basically movies, series, music and books and sometimes manga and comics.

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

What is your usual process for illustrating a piece?

At first, I sketch with pencil on paper, then I use nanquim (indian ink), erase the traces made the pencil and use colored pencils or oil pastel. I really like to use white ink pen. For my watercolor paintings I do the same process, only without nanquim and only with watercolor paint.

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

How do you balance your creative pursuits as well as your regular life duties?

I usually do my arts on weekends and sometimes at night when I come home, but if I had more time I would do more work.

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

What inspires you to keep illustrating?

Nature, beautiful landscapes and starry nights will always inspire me.

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

What art tools and materials do you use on a daily basis?    

I usually draw free hand, but use the tablet to see references. Sometimes I use rulers, triangles and a compass. My favourite art supplies are watercolours and coloured pencils.

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

How long have you been drawing? Just out of interest, what was the first thing you remember drawing that made an impact to you?

I started drawing between 14 and 15 years, and I painted a lot of canvases. I took a break from my creative process when I was in college, but I did architectural sketches. I do not remember very well the first impactful drawing I made; I think it was a self-portrait when I was 15 years.

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Do you have any advice for artists out there?

My advice is: To let the imagination flow, try to create more and copy less.

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Just for fun: what’s your favourite food and colour?

It’s to difficult to say this, because I love so many foods, haha! I love pizza, yakisoba and acarajé (Brazilian food). My favorite colour ever is red, but I like violet and green very much too. 🙂

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Since you live in Brazil, has the place inspired you and your art in any way?

My hometown is Brumado. It’s a peaceful place, there I feel so good and inspired.

Imaginative Art with Daniela- an artist interview at

Thanks for sharing Dani! Wishing you all the best ahead! -Aaria

Find Dani and her clever art here on Instagram.

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Dreamy Watercolours with Bee

Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

Hello! Today we have Bee who makes some pretty amazing watercolour work. I really like her consistency in creating different pictures, but all with the same colourful and slightly ethereal quality. Her work was so captivating that I had to ask her a few questions about her creative process and how she works on her dreamy art! Her pastel themed and sparkly landscapes are just a watercolour dream. She also posts videos of her art process on Youtube.

Read on to hear what she has to say.

Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Bee, and I am 19 years old from South Australia. Currently I am a full time uni student and I work two part time jobs. I have always been creative since I can remember. I remember when I was little I was always creating things with paper and glue, trying to sew, knitting and crocheting. My mother always sewed my dance costumes so I can say I was highly inspired by her to make art a big part of my life.

Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

What sparked your interest in art in general? How long have you been practicing?

Hmm, I find art very emotional. The mixing and blending of colours, and how mistakes can creatively be turned into blessings. The way of art is symbolic for me, in a way of living a happy life. I have been painting with watercolours for about 3 years now; I have fallen in love with the way that the colours spread and blend into each other in a calm and peaceful way.
Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

How do you interpret the presence and significance of art in your lifestyle?

My lifestyle is very busy, but at the same time a little lazy (because I get so tired!). I have to try and juggle two jobs and a full time course, plus time with my other half, family, friends, and other lifestyle choices like working out at the gym. As a natural and intense introvert, these activities can be insanely overwhelming and I will need to spend a lot of time on my own – and this is where painting comes in! Painting allows me to spend time with myself and relax easily. It gives a great balance to my life because its something I really love doing and I can just chill out.
Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

What is your general process while creating an art piece?

I start by making sure I have enough paper to paint a lot of pictures at once. I also love getting my pet cockatiel out so he can sit on my shoulder while I paint. I start by painting the ideas I have with masking fluid, setting them aside to dry, and then I start on my more colourful pieces. I tape the borders of about 4 pieces of paper at once. I find working on more than one painting at a time allows the others to dry, and at the end I have lots of paintings.

Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

For watercolour I like to work in layers, I start by setting a background colour and making sure that I use lots of water! I let that dry and I add more paints, layering them up. I will use black watercolour with less water for trees or other details. Then I use a toothbrush and white acrylic paint to spray a ‘starry’ layer.

What keeps you motivated to draw and paint?

Probably the satisfaction and self worth that my finish products make me feel. Looking at my art allows me to appreciate myself and appreciate my talent. My other half also motivates me a lot, especially when I am feeling lazy! Haha. I also get a lot of positive feedback from my valued followers on Instagram, which makes me want to paint more.

Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

How much time on average does it take you to create a piece?

Well I work on many at a time, but separately I would guess around half hour to an hour for each piece.


What was the first (or your favourite) piece of art you remember creating?

Okay so, very first, when I was in pre-school we had those tripod painting stands (obviously very short because we were so small!). We were given spray bottles which had different colours of translucent ink that had been watered down. The colours were so vibrant and so beautiful when sprayed and I remember I was the first to create the ‘butterfly’ pictures by folding them in half. I was so proud because everyone wanted to do the same!


Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

Do you plan to pursue a career in art? Or is art just a hobby you love?

I love sewing and fashion was going to be a huge career decision for me. However, to get the most and highest possibility of a successful career out of it, I would have had to move away from family and start in a completely new city. Art is just a hobby I really love, like I mentioned before, it gives my life balance from all the other things.

Can you share a glimpse of a typical day in your life?

Sure, go to sleep at 2am, have some funky dreams, wake up at 10am. Skip breakfast in a desperate rush to get to uni, get in my car and endure a stressful 35 minute drive. Buy some lunch, sit through lectures, rush home to get ready for work. Work a stressful waitress job, come home by midnight, spend time with my bird Charlie, go to sleep at 2am.

It sounds so boring! I do get a couple of days away from uni though, but when I have a whole day free of uni and my jobs, I will spend the entire day painting.

Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

Whats your outfit staple? And your favourite flower and colour?

Outfit staple would have to be anything black with a pop of colour/sparkles. I don’t know why but I really love wearing black in all styles, whether it’s formal, party, or one of my favourites: sports luxe. I swear I’m not goth! Haha.

I love all flowers, but I especially love peonies and carnations. My favourite colours are all shades of pink, and mint green.

Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

I spy a cockatiel! 

His name is Charlie, born November 2014. He enjoys head scratches and inspecting jewellery and other shiny things 😂. I hand reared him from a very young age and weaned him myself, which in turn gives us a stronger bond because he sees me as his true ‘mother’. Birds are very adaptable to their owners so Charlie knows that he spends most time with me late at night (since I work a night job). Oppositely, my friends cockatiel goes to sleep as soon as it gets dark because he has adapted to his owners life. Charlie is happy to just sit on my shoulder while I paint 😊


What are some fun themes/topics that are inspiring you nowadays?

I love painting scenes. I remember I used to binge watch anime, and Toradora was one of my favourites. The scenes (especially snow ones) gave me a special feeling, warm but calm. I try to go for this feel in my paintings.

Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via

What is your favourite art tool you use?

Hands down masking fluid.


Could you share any tips on how to be good at watercolour?

Be generous with how much water you use. A lot of people don’t use enough water! Make sure to let things completely dry before you add layers of depth. I always remember that with watercolour, you can paint dark on lighter colours, but you can’t paint light on dark (however you can paint light on dark effectively with gouache!)


What do you think makes a good, satisfactory piece?

Being able to feel the emotions that the painting exhibits is a good sign. I also think a good border really puts someone at ease when looking at a piece of art.

Dreamy Watercolours with Bee - an artist's interview via


Thanks Bee for sharing! Wishing you all the best ahead in your dreamy, ethereal world of watercolour! -Aaria


You can find Bee on her instagram here.

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Coastal Ceramics with Katie


Hello! Today we have the very lovely and talented Katie Robbins on this edition of the Opinion9 Inspiration series. Her work is just so mesmerizing, and peaceful. Katie makes ceramics inspired by the sea and its beauty. There are shades of azure blues, quiet indigos and serene whites, if you can imagine the colours in your mind. I love the simplicity with which her work really captures the essence of the coast – with just the form, texture and colour speaking volumes. Katie’s photography and her vision with which she creates her designs are also very impeccable and distinctive.

Read on to hear what she has to say.unnamed-3

Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Katie from KT Robbins Ceramics. I make a variety of porcelain vessels and accessories for the home as well as individually designed pieces of jewellery, inspired by the coast natural world. I love working with clay to produce mainly functional as well as decorative forms and shapes.


I love your minimal and naturally cool style! Do you have a particular theme for each batch  of ceramics you create? Is it planned or more spontaneous?

A lot of my work is influenced by patterns in nature, often relating to the coast and sea, such as the crest of a wave, sea-foam and even the raised circles on a sea urchin. I have done collections relating to the coast, which is a theme that I am still exploring.earthy ceramics with katie robbins


What was the hardest (and easiest) part while starting your business?

The hardest part of starting a business was having the courage to start and give it a go. But I had (and have) lots of creative ladies in my circle, as well as a supportive partner, who encouraged me to give it a go. I used to work in PR and marketing, and had some interior design clients, but felt that I didn’t want to continue with that after having children. The easiest part of starting this business was having that knowledge and the inside track of knowing the importance of having a strong brand, as well as some of the styling tips I gained on-the-job to create good photography and support material. But ironically I haven’t written a single press release about my ceramics since I have set up on my own.


What makes you the happiest in your creative process?

I love it when a new idea works. I slip-cast most of my work which means that I build an original shape and then create a mould of it. I can spend several days creating a new shape and it is not until it has come out of the final firing that you can be sure how things are going to turn out.  I also love the chemistry of glazes – which in combination can produce exciting and unexpected results. There is always an element of chance during the final firing, and there is nothing more exciting then unloading the kiln to see if what you had hoped for has happened.


(Katie’s workspace is just beautiful. Love the wood, white walls and all the little elements that work so well here – the potted plants, the pictures, the storage too!)


Could you give us a glimpse in a typical day at work?

I must admit that I don’t have a typical day as it really depends on what needs doing. I am normally juggling working around family life. This means that as soon as I get up I am checking emails, and am actively promoting new or existing products on social media. After school drop-off and finishing any household chores then I have around five hours of studio time, which is located next to my house. My priority is to work on shapes that I have cast on a previous day as the clay dries out and there is an optimum time to shape and decorate it. I will also cast up new shapes, sand down my work ready, and glaze work ready for a final firing.

I also have some afternoons where I work in a collective studio as I find it really helps to be able to have a peer group, which you can ask for advice or just be a little sociable with.

I leave the house at 3 to pick up the children from school and in between making them tea and helping with homework I am finishing off any projects from the day, packing up goods, or taking photography for my shop or blog pages.

And after the kids are in bed later in the evening I will quite often spend time writing features, catch up with more admin or join in Twitter chats as a way of self-development. As a sole trader there is always so much to learn about how we can market ourselves and improve our business.

By the way I always make time for lunch in my working day. I can’t concentrate on an empty stomach.



What qualities are needed to keep up and also enjoy running a creative business?

I think you have to always want to learn and self-improve. I quite often take part in courses, on-line and in person to always be taking myself to the next level. Running your own artisan craft business it’s essential to take good photographs and I’m just about to go on a course to improve this. This term I’m also doing a course in wheel work, as I love the simple shapes of hand-thrown forms.



Where do you see yourself in a few years?

I would like to see my brand grow in recognition and I would like to be stocked by more art galleries and independent shops. Up until now, I haven’t had a chance to concentrate on building a range specifically for these markets.


What motivates and inspires you the most?

I find feedback immensely motivating. Also, talking with my friends who are passionate about ceramics – about their projects as well as my own.


How long has making ceramics been your hobby? How did you think you could convert your hobby into a business?

I have been interested in ceramics since my school days; and often did courses at night school whilst I was working. I thought I could convert my hobby into a business after entering and selling a vase in an open exhibition at the MAC, a local arts centre. I realized then that people would pay money to buy what I could make.


Just for fun: What is your favourite: colour, food and flower?

My favourite colour is a tricky one. I think it has to be blue – the colour of the sea, the sky and agapanthus which covers off my favourite flower too. And my favourite food has to be crab.


What are some themes are particularly inspiring you at the moment?

I love the revival that we are seeing in houseplants and macramé. It is so beneficial and beautiful for us to have greenery in our lives and I’m really championing this in my creative work at the moment.


Thanks, Katie, for this glimpse in your creative process! Wishing you all the best ahead! -Aaria

You can find Katie and her beautiful work over on her website, etsy and on instagram.

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#ohmywatercolour Florals…

Okay, talking about #ohmywatercolour.

I admit, this topic has been a bit disorganized. If you’re new to what #ohmywatercolour is, it’s like a personal challenge where I take a topic and then create a watercolour (almost) every day, or whenever I get time.

Check out my first #ohmywatercolour topic on makeup and beauty here. I post all my watercolours I make on Instagram, and then write about it before I change topic. If you want to follow my little watercolour challenge real time, then my instagram is a good place to keep up to date.

Anyways. On to what happened with this second topic. (second only?) I actually changed the topic midway because I got bored. First, I chose peonies as a topic, but, looking back- that was so not a good idea. 

Here’s how that went on:

#ohmywatercolour Florals...


#ohmywatercolour Florals...

Second peony painting. After that..

Well. I couldn’t be bothered to draw any more peony doodles. I was just so bored- so I changed the topic to ‘florals’ in general.

This is how that went:#ohmywatercolour Florals...

#ohmywatercolour Florals...

#ohmywatercolour Florals...

#ohmywatercolour Florals...

#ohmywatercolour Florals...

Well. I was not too happy with how this topic turned out- because as limiting as drawing only peonies were, drawing floral doodles was just more daunting. Whenever I draw flowers, I usually take time and effort, and drawing a suitable doodle everyday in a matter of ten minutes was just not possible at the time. Also, I got so unmotivated that the last three entries I posted were all old stuff I’d made earlier (and the last two are more leafy and not really floral).

So. Lesson learnt in this: choose a topic wisely. Find one that’s interesting but not too vague.

To conclude, I just think that I’m going to really understand what it means to choose a topic, and then actually implement it. And I’m still happy with what I’ve learnt, because, hey, if you don’t succeed at first (or second), then, try, try, try again!


PS- the next topic is interesting! atleast, it will be for me to draw (hopefully)…drum roll, please..I’m going to be drawing outfit selfies! Yes! Not just plain outfits…but you know, those photos you see where you can see the top down of the outfit as a whole? Find me on instagram and check out my progress! Fingers crossed it’ll be fun.

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