Inspiration from Flavourknit

Inspiration from Flavourknit-

Hey everyone! I had the opportunity to talk to Masha of Flavourknit- who makes lovely crotchet and knitted dresses, dream catchers, earrings and more. I absolutely loved the cool vibe of their work- along with the detailing. Masha was kind enough to answer all these questions about her creative process and how she integrates it along with managing a business. Read on to find out more!

Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

My name is Masha and I’m an owner of Flavourknit. There are 4 of us working on this project – I and 3 knitters / crocheters. All of us love knitting and can’t imagine our lives without it.

Inspiration from Flavourknit-

What is the hardest (and easiest) part of a creative business?

The hardest part of a creative business is to launch it and the most important thing is not to give everything up at the beginning. It’s also not that easy to run a business on your own without much experience. Although, there are always people who can help you;  it’s still very hard to make your own decisions, especially when everything is at stake.

 Inspiration from Flavourknit-

What inspires you the most?

I get a huge inspiration from nature, from photography, art and other projects. Now because of the crisis, more and more people are starting their own projects in Russia. I can see that from time to time when participating with Flavourknit in Moscow markets. And all of them inspire me more than everything else. They are strong, smart, intelligent and kind. They all have their own dream. And it makes them absolutely marvellous.

Since you live in Moscow, has the place inspired your designs in any way?

Sure. Moscow is huge and there are around 12 million people living here. It can effect or affect you in both ways, but still I love how people look in Moscow, especially these last years.

Inspiration from Flavourknit-

I absolutely love your dreamcatchers and cute accessories! Where do you come up with your ideas?

I don’t know how does it work, but all my ideas come really accidentally!  As for the dream catchers – I just came across some beautiful pictures on Pinterest and finally decided to create my own dream catcher. It took some hours to understand how to make it real and cute. All my fingers, table, clothes were covered with feathers and glue – but after all that, the final result really surprised me! Now I can’t stop making them, and have already carried out some workshops 🙂 And this is something that I’m proud of. I have never thought I’d teach people to make these things…I’m so happy!

Inspiration from Flavourknit- 

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

I know this question is very important but I really don’t know. I guess i can move somewhere to the seaside, but not sure. However, we never know what the future brings! 5 years ago I planned to become a famous lawyer and now I knit and make dream catchers.. Who knew?! 🙂

Inspiration from Flavourknit-

How did you start your business? 

I was always looking for something interesting and creative…And then I just did it. I mean just found a team, made some trial orders and created my first collection. It wasn’t easy – it took some time to arrange everything but somehow it all worked out.

How long has crotchet and knitting been your hobby? How did you think you could convert your hobby into a business?

I started to knit when I was just 10-12 years old. After that I was too busy with my school and uni.. And only this year I decided to start over again. And I’ve never knew this hobby will anyhow be converted to the business like that…

 Inspiration from Flavourknit-

Just for fun: What is your favourite outfit and food?

Hmm maybe i should say dresses as we have more than 80% of dresses at Flavourknit. But still I really like skirts 🙂

I’m a fan of Italian food. And I like sweets! All kinds 🙂

Inspiration from Flavourknit-

Could you describe a typical day at work?

Unfortunately, it’s not that romantic as it could be since i have to work as a foreign trade manager 5/2. That’s why it’s started at 7 a.m. when I wake up for my first full time job. Btw, I like working in the office. I think everyone should try it. It really disciplines you, make you more organized and serious, Haha, yes, I like to be creative too, but can’t imagine my life without this experience! I’m working on Flavourknit every evening. Every weekend. Every holiday. In other words when I don’t go to the office.

Now it’s getting harder since I really need some more time to do everything I want. And Flavourknit becomes bigger and bigger, but as I said we never know what the future brings. Let’s see what we’ll do next – anyway our ’15-16 collection is taking more time than I’ve expected. Maybe I should retire finally 🙂 Will see!

Inspiration from Flavourknit-

Thank you Masha for a glimpse into the world of Flavourknit! All the best to your future and keep knitting!

Follow Masha and Flavourknit here:
Instagram: @flavourknit
Inspiration from Flavourknit-
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Hand Drawn Inspiration from Jo of Zuer Designs

Inspiration from Jo of Zuer Designs via

Hello! I recently discovered Zuer Designs on Instagram, and I absolutely loved the clean lettering and simplicity with which Jo creates! I contacted her to get some more insight on her work, and here’s what she had to say.

Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hello! My name is Jo, I’m 21 years old and I’m the creative designer behind Zuer Designs. I’m currently a student here in New Zealand, in my last year of my undergraduate studies. Handwriting related arts have been a passion of mine ever since I was 8 or 9. I’m also a huge stationery junkie and love collecting pens (especially fountain pens) which helped to fuel my handwriting passion.

I remember from when I was younger that for every friends’ birthday I would buy them an art or crayon set. Looking back now, I should have considered the appropriate toy, but obviously, stationery was, and is, more important! Apart from lettering and writing related things, I am known to be a bit of a Minecraft fan. I was that one girl who spent her whole summer stuck glued to her computer playing Minecraft. I’m actually a bit embarrassed to admit that, but we all have embarrassing moments, right? In the next few years I aim to pursue postgraduate studies while growing Zuer Designs on the side.


What is your creative process like?

My current creative process begins with finding a source of inspiration which is often times based on my emotions and the mood at that moment. If anything significant is going on in my life, it reflects through my lettering pieces. Same goes for any inspirational pieces that I find. It sticks with me until my next piece of work. I’m an avid journal writer as well, so all my thoughts and ideas are noted down. I constantly flip through my journals when I’m stuck for ideas. I also like to take lots of breaks to make sure I actually like what I created two days later. Kind of like self reflection. Enjoying what I do is ultimately the most important part of my creative process.

Inspiration from Jo of Zuer Designs via

What are the things that inspire you the most?

Definitely the works I see on Instagram. I love following different creative individuals and getting inspiration from their pieces. Alongside drawing inspiration from my emotions, I’m also inspired by the lovely atmosphere and environment in New Zealand. So when I do use colour, I draw from the colours I see around me.

How did you get started with lettering/calligraphy? What keeps you motivated?

I got interested in handwriting thanks to the penmanship lessons we used to have in primary school (pen licenses, anyone?), which eventually evolved into a love of hand lettering over time. I actually discovered lettering through the explore feature of Instagram. I thought it was really neat and wanted to give it a go of my own. Believe me when I say that I was absolutely horrible in the beginning! I did give up at one point but the encouragement from my friends kept me going. Every time I bump into a friend that I haven’t seen in a while, they always talk about the lettering that they see me post on social media, which really makes me smile and keeps me going.

What would your ideal day be like?

My idea of a perfect day would definitely consist of lettering and playing Minecraft while sipping coffee. If I’m with friends, I quite like relaxing at the beach or getting together to have a good meal. I’m always down for exploring new and interesting eateries.


In the midst of creativity and life, how do you keep yourself focused?

It’s almost as if lettering is part of my life. It sounds so cheesy but I always spend an hour or more of my day sitting down and writing something down. Whether it be in my journal or lettering, I always have to do it. I don’t have to set aside time for it, it kind of just happens. It’s never a chore.

What’s the part in your creative process that makes you the happiest?

Seeing the final product makes me really happy. I know that for a lot of other people, seeing others happy with their work makes them happy, but for me, I feel like I have to be happy with the final product myself before I share it with others.


How do you juggle a business along with maintaining your creativity at the same time?

I’m not exactly an expert since I only just started my small biz less than a month ago, but I think that being creative part of starting or owning your own business. If you’re not creative with your ideas, you won’t stand out from the crowd, so having a business means that you’re always challenging yourself and coming up with new, creative ideas. You’re becoming more creative as your business grows. It’s kind of a cycle, you see.


What is the hardest (and easiest) part about starting a creative business?

The hardest part for me was actually taking the plunge and opening my Etsy store. I toyed with the idea of starting up Zuer Designs for almost a year before I made an account on Etsy. It then took me another month to actually decide to open up a store and set everything up.  After I made the commitment, everything because a little easier, although nothing is really that easy in the beginning! The easiest part for me was deciding what I wanted to be involved with, which was hand lettering.

Inspiration from Jo of Zuer Designs via

Just for fun: What’s your favourite colour and outfit staple?

My favourite colour is a dark purple. Clothing wise, I’m pretty much always seen in head to toe black which I would like to get out of but it’s such a comforting clothing colour! My staple would be either a plain black tee or my black Dr. Marten boots – I can’t decide since I always wear them together!

How did you come up with the name for your brand?

Zuer is actually my Chinese first name phoneticised, and the Design part is self explanatory, haha. I wanted to bring in a bit of myself into the brand so I thought that my name would be interesting.


Find Jo and her work here:


Thank you Jo,  for giving us an insight on your creative process! It was lovely talking to you!
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