Magical Art With Monika Forsberg

magical art with monika forsberg

Hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to publish this for a long time coming- and it’s finally come together! Today, I’m talking to Monika Forsberg all about her creative process. Monika’s work is intriguing, filled with colour, bits and bobs of paper, ragged edges and crisp tones- which all come beautifully together! Being an illustrator isn’t an easy profession. When someone is reading content, the pictures along side the text play a major role. They have to provide visual emotion, make you feel something. And Monika’s work does exactly that! That’s why I call it magical, because art always astounds me in the sense that even a few lines and splashes of colour can make such a big impact. However, the magic is knowing where to add color and emotion into lines and curves and call it art. That instinct, the perception, the feeling. And Monika seems to know it- the magic, that is!

Let’s hear what she has to say.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Monika and I’m a mother and I work as an illustrator.


(I couldn’t resist adding this bio from her site!)

What sparked your interest in art in general? How long have you been practicing?

I always drew and made things as a child. Truth be told, I’m not really interested in art as such. I like making things. You wont find me in an art gallery really looking at art. I am a rubbish spectator. But I get an itch if I sit still for too long and need to make something.

What is your general process while creating an art piece?

My work is a bit like knitting, something that I work on then put down and it’s something I do whilst preoccupied with something else. I am terrible at concentrating on one thing but if I do several things at the same time I don’t get stuck.





What do you enjoy the most in your creative process?

The peace I feel plus when I work I make up stories about the end result (of what I’m working on) and …It’s a bit like singing in front of the mirror with a hair brush as a microphone.

How much time on an average does it take to create a piece?

Anything from a minute to a day to …A month.



6 seconds of emotion


Just out of interest, what was the first piece of art you remember creating that made an impact to you?

I sneaked off into my mums sewing room when about 4 or 5 and shouted at anyone trying to get in and then I made a doll. When finished I was SO PROUD

Can you share a glimpse of a typical day in your life?

We wake up, eat breakfast, drink coffee, play for a bit then drop off littlest son to school then work solidly for 6 hours until pick up time at school. In the evening we hang out with our eldest son and watch a film and stuff and I then doodle or do something just for fun.






How do you balance your work/life?

I think my work and life is very entangled. I try to make sure I don’t work at weekends.

What would an ideal day be like for you?

I think I live an ideal life; I’ve got the best boyfriend the best kids and the best of jobs. I would love to go on holiday more though. I am craving sunshine.






magical art with monika forsberg via Opinion9- her workspace



Your colourful and imaginative art is really inspiring. How did you discover your drawing style? How do you keep it consistent yet interesting enough to be motivated?

I have no idea. One things leads to another. I am lazy yet quite obsessive and I make loads of mistakes. Mistakes are brilliant, they lead to new discoveries.

What are some themes/topics that are inspiring you nowadays?

I draw things until I get bored then I roll the dice and do something else. The dice is metaphorical. I try to think if I approached this from a different side what will I get then?

magical art with monika forsberg via Opinion9- her workspace

What are some of your favourite art supplies and art media you use?

Pencils and marker pens. Gouache. Ink pens. Ink. I haven’t got a proper workspace as we live in a small flat so I work in our bedroom on our bed…If I sit at a desk I get backache and stuff. So all my materials are in boxes and our bedroom is a bit of a mess.



(love the gifs she makes!)

Could you share three tips that make a good, satisfactory piece of art (which the artist feels happy about the end result)?

I am never that bothered with the end result. When I get to the end I am already bored or dissatisfied so I have to start working on something else BUT it is important that whilst I’m working I feel as if I’m making the best thing since sliced bread, as if I’m Einstein discovering E=mc2 or Just having fun, being on a roll or struggling but solving a mystery better than Agatha Christie. I think I may have some sort of restlessness inside me but if I keep my fingers moving I feel calm.

monika-forsberg_2015_lookbook_1_1000_670Pencils 1-2-3


What is your idea of a ‘perfect’ workspace/studio?

I would like to have a room to work in, that was just a workroom. It’d have to have a bed or a sofa and lots of plants and a window. Internet, so I can listen to things. I dont like travelling to work so, a room at home. I love being at home.




What are your: favourite animal and dream city?

Favourite animal? I like hedgehogs and Foxes and whales but whales makes me sad to just think of so maybe not whales. I like Swedish squirrels more than other squirrels, which sounds terrible. I dont know. Pigs. I love pigs. But they smell a bit yucky. And eagles.. I love eagles but I’ve never seen one in real life so maybe if I met one I’d hate them?

I love Paris (or is it the thought of Paris?) I love summer warm evenings in south of France or Greece or…I loved when Olive47 drove us through LA with music playing and the wind a gentle breeze. I feel an infinity with Ireland but I never been there. I love London. I loved how New York really reminded me of my hometown (Lulea) I would love to go to Japan and Iceland and …But I hate the travelling part. The planes the luggage the…passport controls. I like being at home. I think I prefer lakes to the sea.


Thanks for sharing, Monika! Find her on her site and on instagram @monika_forsberg.

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