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I’m starting a little series called ‘moments in photos’ where I’ll be publishing a few photos clicked by me before and recently too and talking about them- how they came to be classed as ‘moments’. Any moment can be special if you want it to be. It may be a small moment, even seemingly unimportant, but many things in life are deceptive. Sometimes the unimportant moments turn out to be beautiful ones.

Here’s the first post of this series. Enjoy.

moments in photos via A series to show that moments are great things..Opinion9

This little guy hopped up on my terrace and was chomping on bread. Everytime I tried to click a good photo, it heard the shutter’s click and scampered away, only to cautiously come back a few minutes later. Squirrels are just so sharp, and cute, and darn adorable. In fact, this little squirrel has inspired me so much that I actually might start making some squirrel themed artwork, just because. Forget flamingos. And pineapples. And watermelons. And cats. I’m on the squirrel bandwagon.Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 2.14.13 pm

A little cooking project process photo which I have yet to publish on Surely Simple. I have another blog called Surely Simple, and it’s a space for DIY, crafting, my travels and just living in a simple and creative way. Photographing food was previously unknown territory to me. Now I just try my best and hope for the best. Exploring unknown territory in any skill is a challenge – and showing up is 80 % of the battle, isn’t it?

moments in photos via A series to show that moments are great things..Opinion9

I saw this while on holiday a few months back. Taken in Rajasthan, India. There’s something so ordinary, but at the same time so striking in this photo. Actually, in Rajasthan, the cycle is still a pretty good mode of travel for working people. So it’s pretty symbolic in a way- that the worker had propped up his bike and probably was sitting down having a cup of tea before continuing his work routine. I’m assuming this, but I think I can deduce this because I took this photo around 10 am while walking around the place. I love a good story in a picture. And I also really like the wall pattern here.moments in photos via A series to show that moments are great things..Opinion9

This was a post I did a while earlier at Surely Simple. I remember this project because at the time, I had no idea how it would turn out at the end, and somehow it came out pretty nicely. It was also yum. If you like, you can check it out here. But the best part of this project was..the teamwork and the fun I had photographing, and creating it! That’s the best bit of the creative process.moments in photos via A series to show that moments are great things..Opinion9And the last photo for this post- I took this photo on holiday too! The only thing is, I don’t quite remember when I took this- sunrise or sunset! What do you think it is? Both times are equally beautiful- but at the same time, oh so different. Oh well.

Hope you liked this ‘Moments in Photos’ post. Have a lovely Sunday!

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