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September Moodboard- faded colour tones with pops of florals makes for a September moodboard via Opinion9.comHello. Thought I’d share a little moodboard for September. Basically, as you can see, I’m pretty much inspired by bright florals, minimal faded tones in photography and adding lettering to the mix! September is such a funny month- not really autumn vibes yet. However, it seems like a good month for inspiration.

I’ve recently started experimenting with lettering properly- and not just doodling on scraps of paper and then discarding them, like before. Lettering is so much fun. I really like the idea of integrating it with photos too- it’s such a cool effect. I’m working on my lettering over at surely simple on instagram, maybe take a look, if you like.

As for the flowery elements on this pretty simple moodboard- well, I’m kinda obsessed with flowers and the beauty they possess. I especially like delicate green leafy patterns and the bright pops of colour in vibrant flowers, peonies, roses and hibiscus. Reds and pinks just never get old. Nowadays, I also like oranges and yellows, but the warmth of a red is just too distinct and alluring to see.

Minimal photography is so much fun to try while snapping photos, and just to admire when you notice it somewhere. There’s subtlety and yet s much clarity in just framing one object on a background- and I love that intrigue you get when you just look at a minimal image. It looks like an open book at first, but when you look closer, there’s so much more to it. It’s seriously cool.

I’m also drawing florals again- and you’re going to be seeing some sketchbook shots soon enough!

So, this was a little glimpse of what’s inspiring me in September. What’s inspiring you this month? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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photo grid and lettering by Aaria Baid

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