Sketch + Story 1-3

Hey there. Here is another new column I’m starting (I know- a lot of new stuff coming your way) and it’s all about drawing combined with writing. I love writing, and drawing too. So it just made sense to do this- sketch + story!

Here’s Sketch + Story 1-3:Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.10.23 pm1-  Meet Natalie

She likes pale pink lipstick and never combs her straight hair. She enjoys reading style blogs but secretly laughs at them. She also cooks a mean soufflé. …Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.09.53 pm

2- Meet Marina

She loves vintage jewellery and glitter. Her favourite items are however: her grandmothers pearl bracelet and colourful handkerchiefs. She doesn’t like tissues. She wears a lot of black eyeliner and black clothing mixed with lighter shades. She’s an artist.


Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.11.17 pm

3- Meet Fran.

She likes rabbits, gardening and the quiet life. She claims that she doesn’t have any specific interest- except for tending her kitchen garden and cooking a good meal. But she collects stamps and dreams of going away to faraway places she’s only read in books. She says she’s a plain Jane. But her best friend Clara says that she underestimates herself. .

Well, that’s a wrap! The aim for this #opinion9stories is basically to draw a hundred. I’m not making this an exact 100 day challenge, because I have a kinda busy schedule and so there may be days when I don’t post any, and other days when I post two or three even, whenever I get the time to sit down and draw. Writing the story is the easy bit. Drawing the characters takes time.

I’ll be posting these on my Instagram @opinion9 regularly- so follow along if you’d like to stay in the loop. This is just a practice drawing exercise as well as creating some character studies. I’ll be drawing more girls, because I draw boys very badly! However, I will try drawing some men, haha, when I get a bit more practice- so boys, don’t feel left out or anything. -Aaria

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