Book Review: The Art of Doing (+ Quote!)

Book Review: The Art of Doing (+ Quote!)

Book review: The Art of Doing

Authors: Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield



This book is a fun read! It comes with chapters as diverse as:

How to be funny on TV

How to be a Diva

How to How to open a great restaurant (and stay in business)

How to write a runaway bestseller

How to sail around the world

How to inspire a student

How to start a start up

And some funny ones in the mix:

How to find love online

How to create a mind bending crossword puzzle

This book is not chronological- you can read any chapter you like, depending on your mood and interest. It’s summarized in an informative and interesting way- with people’s anecdotes, and advice in numbered lists. The advice is not too specific, and not too vague. Just the right amount!





The sub-title for this book is ‘ how superachievers do what they do and how they do it so well’ and I feel that this is reflective of society. We all seem to place our worth on our achievements, and the truth is, we are so much more. Society and the people around us teach us all that we need to have this and that on our resume, on our life goals to make us worthy. Well, I call that nonsense. I have come to the realization that worthiness is not dependent on anything. If you believe you’re worthy, you are. Simple as that.


Sometimes, I’ve noticed that reading books about other people and their achievements puts people in that competitive mode. In that comparison mode. That complaining mode. Which is the total opposite of what this book offers. If you want to appreciate and learn from people’s experiences, I would recommend you pick this book up and read it at your leisure.


And if you’re at the moment in your life, where you just need to focus your energy on yourself and learning more about other people just irritates you or is irrelevant- this book is probably not the best thing.




Looking at the big picture, say you have a goal. Or a lot of goals. And you just want it all to come together, but it’s all like a big mess, and you just feel like this isn’t what you want. It’s easy to feel this way, but the only way to get out of this trap is to acknowledge that it takes time. It takes time and allowing things to happen. You can’t force yourself to overwork or go the other way of the spectrum- daydreaming and procrastinating. Just do your daily tasks and believe that everything’s working for you. Achievements are secondary. Just feel good about what you do and it will all come together-  when you’re ready for it.  Don’t worry about the outcome, because that is never in your control. Stop stressing, chill out!

Book Review: The Art of Doing (+ Quote!)

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Book Review: The Art of Doing (+ Quote!)

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