Sketch + Story 4 : Freya’s Story

Read this short story based on a drawing// Freya's story //

So, for this sketch+ story, I thought I’d write a longer descriptive story on this admittedly random sketch I made a couple of nights ago. I draw a lot in the night, not really with a preplanned idea, but more for practice and it’s just enjoyable for me to draw without any planning at all. After looking at this quick freehand, I knew I could probably think up a story for it too. Naming her was a problem- but I finally settled for Freya, because somehow, she just looks like a Freya. Does that make any sense? Haha. Well, here’s Freya’s story, written by me.


The morning light flooded in through the windows. The bed near it was empty, sheets folded, pillows fluffed. Freya was already up. She was a normal girl- with a penchant for neatness. She couldn’t bear anything messy in her life, and everything about her was immaculate- her room, her nails, her neatly arranged bag. Funnily enough, she didn’t include her hair in her neat routine- it was always a natural quiet mess- and maybe she didn’t brush it to extreme neatness, because it was the one thing that didn’t have to be perfect.

Freya had just finished her degree, and she had no idea what to do next. Her life till now had been a quiet and simple routine of studying, library breaks, reading tattered novels, writing down anecdotes in equally tattered notebooks, sitting and staring at the green landscape outside her window. Now, she wasn’t sure of anything. She hadn’t applied for any job, like her friends had. She hadn’t even thought of further studies- it seemed pointless to consider anything when she didn’t even know what she wanted to do. So she had gone home and was thinking about what to do next.

Meanwhile, downstairs, her family were at the table, eating breakfast and getting ready to go to work. Her parents both went to office, and her younger sister was away at a school trip. She walked downstairs, and by the time she had reached the table, they had already gone. A stack of pancakes and bread and jam were laid out for her. Freya heaved a sigh. Her parents were kind, but always busy. She wished they would talk to her sometimes- but they had their own lives, their own work. And she had no idea about her life.

She ate her fill of pancakes, and switched on the TV. Then she switched it off, and grabbed a notebook, which was lying on the sofa. There were plenty of her notebooks strewn all over the house- another contrast to the neatness of her room. She started writing.

Read this short story based on a drawing// Freya's story //

Well, that’s a little story! I might come up with more, because she’s kind of an intriguing character. Have you ever felt this way / like you have no idea what to do next in your life? I’d love to know! Stay tuned for more stories and sketches- find me on instagram (@opinion9) to be stay in the loop!

This story is the property of Aaria Baid. Please do not copy or repost anywhere else without my permission. Copyrighted courtesy of Thank you.

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Sketch + Story 1-3

Hey there. Here is another new column I’m starting (I know- a lot of new stuff coming your way) and it’s all about drawing combined with writing. I love writing, and drawing too. So it just made sense to do this- sketch + story!

Here’s Sketch + Story 1-3:Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.10.23 pm1-  Meet Natalie

She likes pale pink lipstick and never combs her straight hair. She enjoys reading style blogs but secretly laughs at them. She also cooks a mean soufflé. …Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.09.53 pm

2- Meet Marina

She loves vintage jewellery and glitter. Her favourite items are however: her grandmothers pearl bracelet and colourful handkerchiefs. She doesn’t like tissues. She wears a lot of black eyeliner and black clothing mixed with lighter shades. She’s an artist.


Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.11.17 pm

3- Meet Fran.

She likes rabbits, gardening and the quiet life. She claims that she doesn’t have any specific interest- except for tending her kitchen garden and cooking a good meal. But she collects stamps and dreams of going away to faraway places she’s only read in books. She says she’s a plain Jane. But her best friend Clara says that she underestimates herself. .

Well, that’s a wrap! The aim for this #opinion9stories is basically to draw a hundred. I’m not making this an exact 100 day challenge, because I have a kinda busy schedule and so there may be days when I don’t post any, and other days when I post two or three even, whenever I get the time to sit down and draw. Writing the story is the easy bit. Drawing the characters takes time.

I’ll be posting these on my Instagram @opinion9 regularly- so follow along if you’d like to stay in the loop. This is just a practice drawing exercise as well as creating some character studies. I’ll be drawing more girls, because I draw boys very badly! However, I will try drawing some men, haha, when I get a bit more practice- so boys, don’t feel left out or anything. -Aaria

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#ohmywatercolour : Make Up & Beauty


Hey! So, I want to tell you guys something that is kind of cool and involves watercolours, a topic every week and a bit of effort from me. Got it? No..okay, I’ll explain. I always mean to practice watercolour. But it never happens. And only when I get a commission or I have to make a watercolour piece from scratch, I realize: why haven’t I touched watercolour for so long? And what happens is I end up doing a lot of trial and error, and just basically wasting a lot of time. Watercolour is all about instinct. And you can only get that instinct, that feel (you know what I’m talking about?) if you practice. And practice.

So. I’m taking one topic per week, and basically practicing my watercolourin’ skills.

The past week, I chose make up and beauty. I have no idea why I chose it. This was the week’s output:

#ohmywatercolour Makeup and Beauty Watercolour practice

Just a general look..

#ohmywatercolour Makeup and Beauty Watercolour practice

These are supposed to be Chanel lipsticks, but I totally forgot to add the logo with acrylic afterwards. And that’s okay with me.#ohmywatercolour Makeup and Beauty Watercolour practice

This girl actually started out as a silhouette. I was feeling pretty uninspired that day, and I just started messing about initially with pencil lines. I painted it in, then   after a second thought (inspiration and most importantly, interest seeped in) I started inking her features and later, the hair. I made it reverse ombre, on a whim and I’m pretty happy with it. Add to that a touch of Marsala-ugh, totally not feeling that name. Let’s go with burgundy. Or maroon, even.

#ohmywatercolour Makeup and Beauty Watercolour practice

I was a bit tired of drawing lipsticks and beauty products. It gets a little boring after a while. Then that got me thinking, so if not man-made products, why not something natural? It didn’t hurt that I was just thinking of buying some succulents. And this aloe vera model made her way to the day’s blank page. Added some crystals, because why not? And looking at the pink bow now..haha.

#ohmywatercolour Makeup and Beauty Watercolour practice

I think the natural aloe vera route got me thinking about a natural look with more nude and beige. Hence, I just doodled this (and added pretty blush rose pink lips and nothing else, just your regular green-eyed I’m-not-wearing-much-makeup-but-I-still-look-gorgeous  look) and yup, more crystals.

#ohmywatercolour Makeup and Beauty Watercolour practice

Just a five minute painting this time. Just before I was putting on some nail polish, actually. Added some blended cream and pink flowers to add to the page, for good measure.


And I think I’m done with make up and beauty! Moving on to another topic..find out what it is on Instagram.

You can always see the round up of each #ohmywatercolour topic here, but if you would like to see it throughout the week, be sure to follow along on Instagram!

I’d love to know which one you liked the best in this week’s edition of #ohmywatercolour!

-Aaria 🙂

PS- Maybe you noticed a little ‘A’ in every illustration. Be on the lookout for my little signature in every drawing! 🙂

PPS- You’re also welcome to join in #ohmywatercolour! You can choose your own topic and everything! Let’s have a gala time practicing our watercolour skills!

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My Sketchbook | Pomegranates, Sweet treats and Oranges


It’s funny how inspiration strikes you. On holiday (I just came back a little over two weeks ago) I loved to watercolour a bit in the mornings. So, I would keep thinking of nice things to paint, but on this particular day, I couldn’t come up with anything. The past few days I had drawn and painted a castle by the sea, many variations of fern leaves (will show you those later). but today…I couldn’t really think of anything to draw/paint. I was stumped.

And when you’re stumped..what do you do? You head to the kitchen of course. And there, I spotted these beauties. In the city, you rarely see oranges with the leaves still on them. Atleast, I never have. I’ve never even seen an orange tree in real life. But here, out in the desert, you find these beauties. Yessir..oranges, freshly picked. (Of course, these were bought in the town market. That’s the specialty of the market though. Freshly picked produce.)

oranges with leaves
And so the creative process started.fruit salad with oranges drawing


sweet treats drawing

pomegranateNow don’t ask me why oranges made me think of ice creams, macaroons, cakes, etc, fruit salad and pomegranates. Come to think of it, it probably wasn’t the orange that inspired me. It was the fact that it was a perfectly sweet fruit, waiting to be picked and filled with potential. And I just explored my own artist thought here, somehow. I don’t know. Art is mysterious that way. But always very beautiful. more orange photos

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