The Freelance Life 2: Yes, yes…or no?

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The Freelance Life 2: Yes, yes…or no?

When it comes to saying yes to new creative chances, and work opportunities- this is usually what happens in my mind. (top image.)

I think of all the possibilities and at that moment..there’s no room in my head for a ‘no’. But unless it’s really worth my time and effort, it’s always a no, thank you.

I’m talking about people asking you for showcasing work, skills, getting an art project order, any sort of commitment that’s required from you. There are great opportunities to be found while freelancing.

But one thing to always remember is – you’re the boss.

-If you really like something and understand that it will help you in showcasing your work and it maintains the standard you have so carefully built, then consider it.

-If you’re on slightly shaky ground, take a few days to think it over.

-If there’s something particularly bothering you about the product, the work details, or anything remotely- then say a firm no. If it bothers you now, it’s going to bother you later too- if you continue working on a project and don’t appreciate the criteria it’s based upon.

Since I started my website Surely Simple and this one, I get a quite a lot of sponsor emails, and ‘amazing’ projects. I filter out most of it- and focus on only one thing: what do I want from myself and my work?

As a creative person working on your own- before you say ‘yes’ to any seemingly good opportunity that comes your way, it’s always best to consider the following:

– Have I worked/interacted with this person in the past? (if you have, you can understand their work ethic. If not, then it’s best to do your research and get all the details you need from the person.)

-Is the project genuine? Will my work be recognized accordingly and credited properly?

-If the other party is being purposely elusive and not answering your questions- big NO alert. Working with someone who’s not honest is a major no-no in my book.

-Is the person/party friendly and accommodating?

-Do I like the project? Do I have freedom to do whatever I like with it?

Extra: if you have already worked with the person, and they ask you for a continued project- consider :

1- how the past project benefited you and your learning

2- if they are asking for you to work with them again, they must appreciate your work. At this point, you can have the reassurance that your work is rightfully credited and valued.

3- are their conditions for deadlines, submissions acceptable and flexible?

Always think carefully before taking on new projects. Sometimes it’s not always about the project, it’s also about the person who’s alloting them. Both go hand in hand.

Freelancing is a tricky business that way, because it involves networking and great work- one without the other makes it very difficult to progress. Say yes to really good opportunities which will reward you well in the long run. Reserve saying yes and say no more often.

It’s your time and your effort on the line, always remember. And when you get a good opportunity, you’ll realize being selective is always the wiser option.

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