Through the Lens: Nora’s World

    Through the Lens: Nora's World

Another Feature from the Inspiration Series! Today, it’s all about photography. I had the opportunity to talk to Nora, who I discovered on Instagram. It’s really great that she is so creative and has her own website exclusively for her photography..and she is only 13! I adore finding people of all ages who take up a hobby with passion and interest, and Nora is a such a great example! Read on to hear what she said about her creative process in the wide, wide world of photographing human subjects and more.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Nora Powell. I’m 13. I fence, act, debate, and own my own photography business. I love to share my work on Instagram and have people view my work.

 What is your creative process like? 

Honestly, it’s not very professional as it could be. I don’t really sketch out ideas or plan very far in advance. I don’t post the photos I take for my clients on Instagram because I don’t use contracts with them, and I’m not sure they would be comfortable to have their photos on social media. I do post them on my website. For my Instagram, I just make plans with my friends and go to a nice location near me, and shoot. I don’t really plan those in advance at all. For all of my photos, my editing process is pretty simple. I just adjust saturation, contrast, sharpness, and other quick-fixes, depending on the photo.

Through the Lens: Nora's World
What are the things that inspire you the most?

The locations that I shoot at definitely inspire me. Other photographers are also a great source of inspiration. Some of my favorite photographers are Isabella Madrid (@isabellamadrid), Neville Caulfield (@nevillle), and Brittney Borowski (@brittneyborowski).

 How did you get started with photography? What keeps you motivated? 

I got started taking pictures on a trip with my dad to Bar Harbor, Maine. I took them on a small, orange, point and shoot camera. The location was so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist taking pictures. I fell in love with taking pictures, and have been doing it since then. Staying motivated in photography isn’t a problem for me. I love taking pictures, and that is all the motivation I need.

Through the Lens: Nora's World

What would your ideal day be like?

My ideal day definitely involves photography. It would probably take place in the UK. I love London and the British countryside is so gorgeous. I’d probably get a private plane, so I could travel around the countryside and take pictures in London. I would take pictures of the most in-demand models at the time, and have them featured in Vogue.

Through the Lens: Nora's World

  In the midst of creativity and life, how do you keep yourself focused?

Staying focused on different parts of my life can sometimes be challenging. I just try to do the appropriate things at the appropriate times. I focus on school at school, fencing at practice, and photography during editing seasons and photoshoots.

Through the Lens: Nora's World

 What’s the part in your creative process that makes you the happiest?

I love going out on location, and shooting. Editing can get very tedious, so I prefer shooting.

Just for fun: what is your favourite food and ideal outfit?

My favorite food is probably sushi, and my ideal outfit is a wine colored shift dress with a v-cut neck and black or grey heeled booties.

Through the Lens: Nora's World
What are three things that are key to taking a good photograph?

The first thing for me is to defy the “set” rules of photography. If you get a great shot, ignore the rule of threes or any composition rules. The rules can make a shot better, but they aren’t essential to getting a great photograph. The next component to a great photograph for me is to make sure you are enjoying yourself while shooting. If you are’t happy/ ready while taking pictures, you definitely can’t get your best/most creative shots. The third tip is to review photos while shooting. It’s very important not to take photos blindly, so you can make sure you are getting the shots you want and correct your mistakes before the shoot is over.

 What are your go-to tools and equipment you use? 

I currently use the Canon Rebel t3i with a Canon 50mm 1.4 or Sigma 24-70mm lens.

Through the Lens: Nora's World

What’s the easiest (and hardest) part about photography?

The easiest part about photography is probably taking family shoots outside. The hardest part is the editing process after an event. It can get very grueling and tedious.

Do you want photography to be your career? What type of photography are you interested in? Where do you see yourself in a few years?

I’m probably not planning on going into photography for a career. I’m very focussed on academics, and would probably like to go into a field like law or business. If I did go into photography for a career, I would definitely like to go into fashion. In a few years, I hope to be going to Stanford, on my way to business or law school.

Through the Lens: Nora's World

Could you imagine a series of perfect photographs and describe them? 

I would love to take photos on some of the beautiful landscapes on the 17 Mile Drive in California. I wouldn’t want it to be overly cold or foggy at the time of the day/year I take the photos. I would love to take pictures of a variety of models, male or female, and of all ethnicities. I would like the clothes to be similar to the ones that were shown at the Atelier Versace Couture Show.

Through the Lens: Nora's World
 It’s inspiring to see you focused on your creativity at such a young age. Who encouraged you to take up photography and continues to encourage you every step of the way?

My friends and followers on Instagram are my biggest encouragements to continue photography. I started photography because I was inspired by the beauty around me.

Through the Lens: Nora's World

Thank you Nora for giving us a glimpse in your photography journey! Wishing you all the best!

Find Nora here:

Instagram- Photography @efflorescing  Personal- @norapowell_ 

Nora Powell / Photographer
Nora Powell Photography

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